Groupe Lignarex Inc. 


Groupe Lignarex is a sawmill complex located in Saguenay in the Borough of La Baie. It's the result of the partnership between Careau Bois, Sylviculture TRAMFOR and Coopérative Forestière Ferland-Boilleau. Forest management and procurement are provided by the Coopérative. Sylviculture TRAMFOR takes care of the administrative management and Careau Bois ensures product marketing.


Investments made in 2012-2013 totaled nearly one million dollars, which will allow for the sawing of 32 million board-feet (MMFBM) per year during one work shift or the equivalent of 130,000 cubic meters of softwood. Wood is intended for the Canadian, American and overseas markets.


Groupe BoréaRessources Inc.


Coopérative Forestière Ferland-Boilleau and UQAC LASEVE laboratory have been businesses partners since 2009. The Coopérative provides forest products required for laboratory work and both organizations have developed a relationship of trust that’s essential in laboratory research development.


This business partnership has enabled both organizations to contribute to the creation of the Age Control Supreme line of cosmetic products by Lise Watier made with Labrador Tea extract. Until recently, the role of Coopérative Forestière Ferland-Boilleau was limited to harvesting forest resources, but the partnership between the Coopérative and the LASEVE laboratory has paved the way for new opportunities in raw material processing for the Coopérative.


One of the steps identified in this new role, is the manufacturing of essential oils for added value in harvesting activities. Aware that the production of high quality essential oils requires expertise and skilled resources for this type of processing, the Coopérative turned to research professors, Jean Legault and André Pichette for assistance with this project. This collaboration has materialized in the creation of a new company under the name Groupe BoréaRessources.


The company's mission is to produce high quality essential oils and contribute to develop new oils for dietary and pharmaceutical purposes.

Groupe ÉcoGranules


La Coopérative forestière Ferland-Boilleau and EP Design are business partners since 2015. This partnership enables the manufacture of wood pellets by valuing sawdust factory Groupe Lignarex inc.

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