Settlers first arrived in Ferland-et-Boilleau in the spring of 1931. At the turn of the 1940's until 1962, Price Brothers and Company, having forest concessions in the sector, granted each farmer a pre-determined quantity of wood that they were permitted to cut (175 to 275 cords).


These logging camps operated from the fall until the end of January. In 1962, the Price Company announced that it would be their last year of operations, due to the fact they had clearcut all available sectors.


In May 1963, thirty people united together and founded the Syndicat Coopératif de l’Union des Cultivateurs Catholiques de Ferland-Boilleau (cooperative union of Catholic farmers). After extensive efforts during the summer, the cooperative union acquired a contract of 14,500 m3 of solids for the Donohue Company in Clermont. Furthermore, lumber was produced for Scierie Grenon (sawmill) in La Baie during the same year.


Over the years, the Coopérative has developed business relationships with new buyers, such as Scierie Gauthier, Consol, Scieries Saguenay ltée and Scierie du Fjord in Petit‑Saguenay.








To operate a profitable company with the goal of providing work to its members in the areas of forestry management, the processing of woody biomass and all other activities, with the shared desire for participating in community economic development and improving the workers' standard of living.



We are a forward thinking cooperative with diversified activities of which we are proud to be part of. We're renowned for our rigorous management practices and abilities in innovation. We're at the forefront of forest management in expertise and experience.



Respect towards workers, equality, community, sustainable development, cooperation and efficiency.





US... is...

The members, board of directors, the management team, employees, associate partners and the residents.


The forest is…

The roots, trunk, bark, branches, the leaves, needles, flowers, fruit, plants, and nature itself.


Innovation is…

Cutting edge, change, freshness, the unedited, the imagined, original, the prototype, courage, inspiration, between the lines. The ensemble of these combined elements, embodies the essence of Coopérative Forestière Ferland-Boilleau. Individuals who are united, resilient, determined and with one common goal: to shine a spotlight on our forests and natural surroundings. How? Through innovation, the creation of previously unheard of partnerships, toward new horizons and onward to the path of the future. The Coopérative, it's the creative genius of many individuals who want nothing but the best for their community.





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1989 marked the year in which the Coopérative obtained an emblematic logo representing the ensemble of their activities.



The elements

  • The large tree, similar to a mature tree, represents the Coopérative’s forestry operations;

  • The small tree within the lower section of the larger tree, ready to take its place, conveys how important forest management is to the Coopérative, besides illustrating the importance of ensuring the sustainability of our forests;

  • The cartridge under the smaller tree, represents the Coopérative’s planting and seedling production activities;

  • A triangle of light completes the pyramid, simultaneously representing the corporate image and decision making by key individuals at the heart of operations. In addition, it symbolizes the target growth of our cooperative.


The colors

  • Green represents both the color of the hope that we place in the future and the colors of the forest, the justification of our existence;

  • The color grey that covers most of the drawing, represents the creative genius of the individuals in our workplace;

  • The color white behind the trees, represents the light that ensures forest growth, the fuel that powers the Coopérative.

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