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In collaboration with SOCODEVI, Coopérative Forestière Ferland-Boilleau is the organization designated

in North America to perform reforestation activities within the framework of this project.


The operation is to offset the carbon emitted by participants travelling to and from an event. The calculations are based on the carbon absorbed by an average tree during its life cycle, from sapling to senescence. The tree has always been, and will increasingly be, an essential element in the fight against climate change, for both the carbon it absorbs during growth and through carbon sequestration and substitution effect when used as material.


Any company that wants to make a significant gesture in preventing air pollution from carbon, may do so by subscribing to this program. For more information, consult the project’s section on the Socodevi.


The Centre de Valorisation des Ressources Forestière (CVRF)


Located in central Ferland-and-Boilleau, the CVRF processing facility is used for recovering forest biomass where the Coopérative is harvesting.

With a 30,000 square foot surface area, it can accommodate large-scale projects and provides the means for generating prosperity in the Ferland-et-Boilleau community. Currently, the factory processes non-timber material into essential oils and is used as a forest biomass packaging centre for future energy uses.


In collaboration with various partners, the Coopérative is working on other projects to fill the processing facility's available space.

The forest resource is located near the processing facility. The Coopérative staff have the expertise for sustainable harvesting, due to their skilled and readily available workforce. The organization is looking for partners who share these values and convictions to undertake the CVRF's long-term development.


Please contact the Coopérative if you have innovative projects that correspond to the CVRF objectives and for investment interests.




















Age Defying Skincare line (Lise Watier) *

*Text extracted from the product website 


Always on the lookout for exceptionally effective and innovative skincare products, Lise Watier has

partnered with a team of researchers from the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC) to develop

an exclusive concentrated extract of Labrador Tea.  Five years of research have gone into developing a

proprietary extraction process that concentrates all the exceptional anti-aging properties of Labrador Tea.


Labrador Tea leaves are harvested in a manner that respects the environment and supports the local

community.  Through a partnership between UQAC and the Coopérative Forestière Ferland-Boilleau,

Labrador Tea leaves are picked by hand, thus valorizing the richness of the boreal forest and ensuring

its sustainable development.


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Camping du Petit Lac Ha! Ha! (Campsite) - Ferland-et-boilleau

​The Camping du Petit Lac Ha! Ha! is a picturesque and magnificent tourist attraction. 

Previously known as the Domaine du Lac Ha! Ha! in Ferland-et-Boilleau, is a

destination that entices with its charm and natural beauty.


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